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The Company

WCosta provides services to micro-, medium- and large companies in the most varied fields of the economy (services, industries, exporters, importers and wholesalers).

Influenced by internal or external factors, WCosta tracks, discusses and analyzes the market changes and trends in dynamic, modern and efficient way through work into partnership directed to the area and the needs of every specific client.

Taking into consideration the existing economic situation, WCosta carries out multiple activities, duly concerned about the management quality and the performance of its clients’ actions.

The company is under the responsibility of Ms. Wania Costa, a licensed accountant, specialized in Management Accounting, expert in Earnings and Controlling Management, with the implementation of financial systems, with experience in the implementation of financial systems. Besides, Ms. Costa has acted as Administration-Financial Manager, based on cost/benefit principles, looking for adjusting the company needs to the existing market trends.

Consequently, she acquired know-how to create, develop and implement a unique System that comprehends the totality of the required tools to perform fast, precise, on-time and on-line Controlling and Tax Auditing management in accordance with state-of-art concept: the Integrated Management Concept.

WCosta’s technical team includes IT graduate professionals, fully supported by state-of-art IT systems: ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning – targeting managing processes and resources in order to provide integrated information associated to the field of Management, aiming to optimizing time and providing accurate information.



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